Post Construction Cleaning

Moving the dust out so you settle back in

Post construction cleaning services

Our post construction cleaning services will help your house make the transition from construction site to homestead.

We offer a variety of services and programs that can conquer all your post-construction needs. Whether it is a quick tidying up or a more detailed, thorough deep clean, our cleaning pros have the experience, tools, and processes that will leave your home looking like nothing ever happened.

Some finishing touches
  • Remove dust, dirt, smudges, and scuffs from walls.
  • Dust all surfaces, woodwork, and fixtures, including ceiling fans.
  • Clean trim, baseboards, window frames, and door frames.
  • Clean interior masonry.
  • Remove stickers from windows and glass.
  • Clean window blinds, inside cabinets, and inside closets
Committed to a better clean

Whether it’s a new addition, a refurbished floor, or minimal cosmetic changes, your newly completed home project should be treated with the care it deserves. When it comes to cleaning, it’s important to be cautious of the chemicals used, as certain products may negatively react to some surfaces or materials.  Our post contruction crew specialize in deep cleaning and have the right  equipped to ensure your new project is treated with utmost caution. Our products are nontoxic and family-friendly. They work just as well as their chemical counterparts, but are free of allergens and irritants. Additionally, our post-construction cleaning team is managed by a quality associate that ensures they are delivering on our brands 100% customer service guarantee.

  1. We start with a rough clean to take care of the first layer of debris.
  2. Next, we deep clean your space, going into every corner and capturing all the airborne and hidden dust that can trigger allergies. r upholstery to .
  3. The final phase is the one that makes all the difference. We call this the “touch-up” phase where we go back and check our work, looking to make sure no surface has gone uncleaned