Carpet Cleaning

Delivering a Higher Standard of Clean

Our Ultra Clean Truck mounted Steam cleaning  system brings a new  level  of  clean to your home or appartment. This is not  just  basic steam cleaning.
We have some of the newest technologies available to restoring your carpets. Our units are designed to perform a deep cleaning to the carpet
With our truck-mounted commercial extraction equipment and our certified technicians who use a 12-step cleaning process, you can expect exceptional carpet cleaning results that will not disappoint you.  
We guarantee that the results will be much better and you will be surprised your  carpet will be sparkling  clean  and  fresh.

13 Reasons Why We Are Second to None
  1. We conduct initial inspection and assessment of your carpet
  2. We vacuum it when needed to remove loose dirt
  3. We pre-spray all high-traffic areas
  4. We treat stubborn spots individually
  5. We do hand cleaning around the edges, as needed
  6. We use environment-friendly cleaning agents
  7. We rinse your carpet with clean hot softened water to thoroughly remove any cleaning solution and soil
  8. We protect your walls and floors so that no damage can occur
  9. We groom your carpet pile after cleaning, if necessary
  10. We dry your carpet with powerful turbo fans to cut the drying time to half
  11. We give recommendations on how often you should clean your carpet to maximize its life
  12. We apply a soil-resisting carpet protector, if requested (at minimal fee)
  13. All of our services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed